“April Neukam is not only an excellent physical therapist, but an artist in her field. When I entered into a patient relationship with April, she immersed herself into the details of my injury thoroughly and quickly empathized with me in my particularly difficult circumstance. I found April to be flexible with me in scheduling, and always willing to go “the extra mile” in working with me, even to the extent of collaborating with my trainer in my workouts – on site! I have had many physical therapists in the past, but April has set a new standard of expectation for me, and, I trust, all of her clients. In the field of physical therapists, April Neukam is sine qua non.”
-Benjamin F. Wechsler

“I have been a beer driver for 16 years. During my career, I have had numerous injuries and therapy. I had shoulder surgery this time, and that is when I met April. She is by far the best therapist I have ever had. We met, and she exceeded all of my goals. I returned to work with no problem at all, even with very heavy physical demands such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. April established a good relationship with my doctor. April also took care of my entire workman comp insurance. I would recommend April to anyone in need of a therapist. I truly enjoyed working with her. April is the best!”
-Brian E. Skokowski

“After months of working with a chiropractor for a rotator cuff issue, where I saw little to no improvement, I decided to try the orthopedic route. After correctly diagnosing the problem, I was prescribed PT. I was blindly paired with April. She coupled stretching and deep tissue massage along with a strength training program. Relief was almost immediate.
It was no surprise that a few months later, while struggling with a hip ailment, I once again sought out April’s expertise! This particular ailment was a stubborn one. April diligently worked with me, using different methods and approaches until we were able to get it under control.
April’s vast knowledge of the human body coupled with her unparalleled work ethic makes her an excellent Physical Therapist. April is both professional and deeply caring. What a winning combination for healthcare professional!
I will continue to refer friends and family April’s way!”
-Eileen T. Redmond

“I injured myself at work and needed PT. I was referred to April by a family member and have been very happy with my therapy thus far. Being a therapist myself I am aware of both good and bad treatments. I find April’s approach to rehab both very knowledgeable and creative. She makes therapy interesting and fun, which in turn keeps me motivated to get better. She gets a big thumbs up from this therapist.”
-Donna Bergman

“I tore my ACL in my right knee playing basketball as a senior in high school. Physical Therapy for this reconstruction is a long and painful process, but working with April helped me regain full use and strength in my leg and knee. I am currently playing very competitive club basketball at the University of Illinois U-C. I do not wear a brace and don’t even think about my knee. April helped give me my strength and my confidence!”
-Catie Zapinski